Five-Year-Old Hailey Dawson -- With Her Amazing Robotic Hand -- Throws First Pitch At Orioles Game

Ahead of Monday's Oakland Athletics-Baltimore Orioles game at Camden Yards, the crowd got to witness some serious inspiration as 5-year old Hailey Dawson threw the first pitch. Born with Poland Syndrome that resulted in an underdeveloped right hand, Hailey made the ceremonial toss using her Flexy-Hand 2, a 3-D printed prosthetic device.

According to MASN, Hailey's mom Yong worked with the UNLV engineering program to design the robotic hand in hopes of giving her the ability to do things like gripping and throwing a baseball, while keeping the price at a fraction of the cost of a typical prosthetic. As you'll see, the project clearly was a success.

Hailey seemed most excited to meet Manny Machado as the family ventured from Las Vegas to Baltimore, and her wish came true before the game.

However, she turned her attention squarely on the pitch once she got on the field. And the result was pretty adorable.

The official Instagram account of Hailey's hand -- yes, this totally exists -- posted a closer look at the Orioles-themed hand she used. It's definitely an incredible sight to behold.

This is just so cool on so many levels.

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