What Just Happened? Athletes React To Sunday's (Completely Ridiculous) VMAs

As everyone and Miley Cyrus' dead petz knows by now, MTV's Video Music Awards were held on Sunday night in Los Angeles. And, as you also probably know, they were as awkward and weird and uncomfortable as ever (WHAT'S GOOD, NICKI MINAJ?). Hosted by Cyrus and her ever-changing insane wardrobe, or lack thereof, the show featured interesting speeches (Kanye for president!), performances from just about everyone and, of course, Taylor Swift's girl squad.

And because athletes really are just like us, some of your favorites were equally baffled and entertained by the evening. Here are some of their best reactions:

Miley Cyrus was confusing.

Video Vanguard winner Kanye West raised a few eyebrows, and maybe gained some support for his 2020 presidential run.

And the whole thing really just seemed to be one giant hot mess.

I told you athletes really are just like us.

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