Redskins' Ryan Kerrigan And His Sister Strike Epic Pose

With the passings of several high-profile pro wrestling superstars such as Rowdy Roddy Piper, Ultimate Warrior and Randy Savage, it's great to know there's some good vibes from the golden age of the sport working its way around the bend lately.

Washington Redskins standout linebacker Ryan Kerrigan has impressed with his aggressive style and flamboyant post-sack poses, but it's his sister, Kaitlin Kerrigan, who has bested him in celebrations.

While Ryan is known for his HBK posing celebrations after sacking quarterbacks, a.k.a #HBKerrigan -- which is basically him posing as former WWF wrestling star Shawn Michaels, "The Heartbreak Kid" -- Kaitlin had taken to mimicking her brother while in Israel this summer. She was then recently photographed in the HBK pose for her Grace College team volleyball pics, and the word quickly caught on.

Who do you think does it better: Ryan or his sister Kaitlin?

Ryan seems to think she's done a pretty good job.

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