Hey, Male Sports Star, Will You Twirl And Talk About Your Outfit?

Remember that time Eugenie Bouchard was asked to twirl after a win at the Australian Open? Or how about the, ahem, controversy over Gabby Douglas' hair at the 2012 Olympics? Or what about THE 3,796,231 times female athletes have been stuck fielding questions about their love life?

Chances are, especially if you read this website, you're more than well aware of these moments and have frequently rolled your eyes over the coverage of women athletes. A website called Covertheathlete.com also has noticed and recently released a video that hilariously -- yet, perfectly -- shows what would happen if male athletes were asked the type of questions their female counterparts regularly get.

The website asks people to demand better coverage of female athletes from all the major media outlets (including here at the Worldwide Leader). While we at espnW would like to think we do that on, you know, a fairly regular basis, we definitely agree with the message and hope the more people advocating for a change in coverage of women in sports, the better for all of us.

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