Step Aside, Gents! Women Dominate Yahoo's Most-Searched Athletes List

If you're currently perusing espnW.com, I am going to assume you are a fan of women's sports. So with that assumption in mind, please get ready to high five whoever is around you because the news I'm about to share is AMAZING.

Yahoo has released its top-10 search lists for 2015, and seven of the 10 athletes are WOMEN. That's right, people. SEVEN OF THE 10 MOST SEARCHED ATHLETES ARE WOMEN. Please take a moment to do that high five or look up your favorite celebratory GIF.

Topping the list is (no surprise here) Ronda Rousey, and she's immediately followed by Lindsey Vonn, Maria Sharapova, Danica Patrick and Caroline Wozniacki. The first male athlete -- some guy named Tiger Woods -- doesn't even show up until No. 6. The entire list is below for your enjoyment.

While this is really awesome and all, I do have one question -- Where the heck is Serena Williams??? Oh, and I guess I'm surprised about LeBron James and Stephen Curry too, but whatevs there.

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