Video and live updates from the 2022 espnW: Women + Sports Summit

Elle Duncan and Laura Gentile during the 2022 espnW: Women + Sports Summit at the Ojai Valley Inn. Daniel Stark/ESPN Images

From Nov. 1-3, the 2022 espnW: Women + Sports Summit brings together industry influencers and athletes from Las Vegas Aces head coach Becky Hammon, Portland Thorns defender Crystal Dunn, Paralympian Jessica Long and more.

Missed any of the action? We've got you covered:

Tuesday, Nov. 1:

6:00-6:30 p.m.: Summit Opening and Welcome with Laura Gentile / Executive Vice President, Commercial Marketing, Disney Networks & ESPN and Founder with Elle Duncan, SportsCenter Anchor

"When I look at something like 'girl dad,' it started out as a story and became a movement. ... For the first time in a long time, we had men say they were proud to have a daughter. We were able to open up those conversations, and I don't know if that's a space that was open 12 years ago." -- Elle Duncan

7:10-7:30 p.m.: Toyota Everyday Heroes Spotlight with Jessica Long / Team Toyota Athlete and Sarah Spain, espnW Writer, ESPN Radio Host & TV Personality

"I was put on this planet to do this. The only thing that saved my life was sports. I want to bring girls out of that dark place. Lacing up for a lifetime of achievement." -- Toyota Everyday Hero Liz Ferro, CEO of Girls With Sole

Everyday Hero and Olympian Nzingha Prescod on founding Fencing in the Park

Everyday Hero Liz Ferro completed 50 marathons in 50 states, and now she's helping girls dream big

7:30-7:40 p.m.: The Walt Disney Company Spotlight Conversation Kareem Daniel / Chairman, Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution with Elle Duncan

"It's not enough to talk about -- let's have diversity. How about having decision-making? There's progress to be made, and we'll continue to make that progress." -- Kareem Daniel

7:40-8:15 p.m.: Pink Card: Fandom, Freedom, and Watching Soccer in Iran with Shima Oliaee / Peabody and duPont Award-Winning Producer with Elle Duncan

2022 Fall Summit Keynote Conversation

Elle Duncan sits down with Podcast Producer Shima Oliaee and Toyota Everyday Heroes are honored

Wednesday, Nov. 2:

9:10-9:50 a.m.: Mind and Body of the Female Athlete with Dr. Jordan Metzl / Sports Medicine Physician, Hospital for Special Surgery New York City, Dr. Jessica Bartley / Senior Director of Psychological Services, United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, Emma Coburn / Track & Field Champion, and Mary Ellen Kelly / Registered Dietitian and Board-Certified Sports Nutritionist with Monica McNutt, ESPN Basketball Game and Studio Analyst

"I've had huge failures and huge successes. ... But don't let that failure or success define [life] for you." -- Emma Coburn

Day 2 1st Morning

Monica McNutt sits down with voices in Sports Medicine and Julie Foudy speaks on the historic CBA

9:50-10:30 a.m.: Achieving Equal Pay: The Historic USWNT CBA with Cindy Parlow Cone / President, U.S. Soccer and Midge Purce / Professional Soccer Player, USWNT with Julie Foudy

"As a player, it always felt to me like it was the players vs. the federation. But we have a revenue share agreement now, and it was important to me to make us one team. Now with the revenue share, if the federation is successful in partners and sponsors, it helps the players. If the players are successful on the field, it helps the federation." -- Cindy Parlow Cone

"You don't have to agree with the money that's in my pocket, but as long as you believe that it's in my pocket." -- Midge Purce

10:45-11:30 a.m.: Women of ESPN: The Producers with Hilary Guy / Coordinating Producer II, Meg Aronowitz / Vice President, Production, Stephanie Druley / Executive Vice President, Event & Studio Production, and Aisha Chaney / Coordinating Producer II, LA SportsCenter with Malika Andrews, ESPN NBA Reporter and Host of "NBA Today"

2022 espnW Fall the Producers

Malika Andrews sits down with the women at the helm at ESPN

11:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m.: Tackling Title IX Compliance with Stef Strack / Founder & CEO Voice in Sport, Arthur Bryant / Partner, Bailey Glasser, and Dr. Courtney Flowers / Associate Professor of Sport Studies & Sport Leadership, Texas Southern University with Sarah Spain

"Support your HBCUs. We're suffering. We need support. We need resources." -- Dr. Courtney Flowers

Keynote Conversation with Becky Hammon

Hannah Storm sits down with Championship winning head coach Becky Hammon

1:00-1:40 p.m.: espnW Keynote Conversation with Becky Hammon / Head Coach, Las Vegas Aces with Hannah Storm, SportsCenter Anchor

"In order to be successful, I had to think differently and think outside the box. My greatest asset has been my mind." -- Becky Hammon


Kate Johnson discusses what goes into making brand moments and partnerships

Becky Hammon calls Brittney Griner detainment a "gut punch"

1:40-2:30 p.m.: W. Power Talks hosted by Monica McNutt with Kate Johnson / Director of Global Sports & Entertainment Marketing Partnerships, Content and Media, Google, Flora Kelly / Vice President, Brand Strategy & Content Insights, ESPN, Jaymee Messler / Co-Founder, Gaming Society


Sarah Spain sits down with Renie Anderson, Keia Clarke, Carolyn Braff and Kathy Carter

7:00-7:20 p.m.: U.S. Department of State and espnW Global Sports Mentoring Program 10 year anniversary showcase with Dr. Ashleigh Huffman / Chief of Sports Diplomacy, U.S. Department of State and Dr. Carolyn Spellings / Chief of Evaluation, Research, & Accountability, Center for Sport, Peace, and Society at UT Knoxville, and conversation with Susan Cohig / Executive Vice President, Club Business Affairs, NHL with Julie Foudy, espnW columnist and ESPN soccer commentator, World Cup Champion


Andrea Brimmer gives an update on how things are progressing since Ally's announcement in May

7:20-8:30 p.m.: espnW Evening Keynote and Performance by St. Vincent with Sarah Spain

Thursday, Nov. 3:

9:30-9:35 a.m.: Morning Welcome with Laura Gentile / Executive Vice President, Commercial Marketing, Disney Networks & ESPN and Founder, espnW, Rachel Epstein / Vice President, espnW Marketing & Female Audience Expansion, ESPN, Susie Piotrkowski / Vice President, espnW, and Marsha Cooke / Vice President, Executive Producer, ESPN Films and 30 for 30 with Elle Duncan

"Women aren't monolithic." -- Susie Piotrkowski

9:35-10 a.m.: Women at the Helm with Kathy Carter / CEO LA28, Renie Anderson / Chief Revenue Officer and Executive Vice President, NFL Partnerships, Keia Clarke / Chief Executive Officer, New York Liberty and Carolyn Braff / Head of Gatorade Brand Strategy with Sarah Spain

"I had a handful of secret powers. No. 1 is I was never going to shy away from doing the hard work. ... No. 2, I was a really talented cocktailer when I was early on. I owned it, man. I actually learned how to hang with the guys. ... I figured out how to be a part of the conversation. I was always the first one up in the morning. I was always the one out for the run. I was the last one to close down the bar and I learned how to be present at a time when they may or may not have wanted me to be present. And so that became an opportunity to then be involved in a lot of things." -- Kathy Carter

"Impossible for me not to be conscious of it. It's my daily life. It's my lived experience. My focus is making it my superpower." -- Keia Clarke on being a Black woman executive

10:20 a.m.: Making Moves Ally discusses continued commitment to Women's Sports with Julie Foudy

10:30-11 a.m.: World Class Athlete Panel with Jocelyn Alo, Julianna Pena, and Crystal Dunn with Julie Foudy

"I think the women's fights always steal the show. We're like mama bears, we're going to defend our cubs. I think they're a lot more exciting in my opinion. A woman is not going to quit and she's definitely not going to stop. You're going to have to like literally kill her. Men, it's easier for them to tap or they get hit once and then they're done. Chicks, no? They're going to fight to the death." -- Julianna Pena

"Now people can actually make a living out of softball and it's amazing. I remember looking in the mirror before my professional career and I thought, 'Wow softball is really my job -- girls can now make this their job.' ... I actually just got traded to the Oklahoma City Sparks and I'll be playing with them this summer. I'm beyond excited." -- Jocelyn Alo

"When that goal happened ... silence. So many fans, I could see them cheering, I could see their hands raised, but I heard nothing. I saw my teammates running up to me, I didn't know what to do. ... That goal meant so much to me. It was a goal that helped my team get into a final. It was a goal that made me feel like, 'I'm back. I can do this.' ... It's a massive goal. It was so big-time for me personally but for the team, all I could think about was I helped my team get into a final and that is the greatest thing ever." -- Crystal Dunn

11:15 a.m.: Summit Top Three and Closing with Julie Foudy, Elle Duncan, and Sarah Spain

"Be who you are and celebrate that." -- Julie Foudy