The A-List: 13 Crying Michael Jordans

Don't cry, Michael, it's your birthday!

1. When you get fined

Oh, you've just been fined $75,000 large for not talking to the media? Don't worry Marshawn Lynch-MJ. You're still rich.

2. This one time, at band camp...

It feels like so long ago when "Crying Piccolo Girl" was caught on camera after Villanova lost in last year's NCAA tournament.

3. Sweet baby

Little Riley Curry-MJ wasn't too happy when her dad's Golden State Warriors got their first loss of the season.

4. Crying Brady-MJ

Who cries more than Tom Brady during Deflategate? Brady-MJ! And the tears kept flowing when the Patriots lost to the Broncos in the AFC Championship Game.

5. Knockout MJ

Not only do we get "Crying Ronda Rousey," but "Uncle Denzel" makes an appearance, starring as Holly Holm.

6. When we really thought we were gonna be rich

Don't feel bad that you didn't win the $1.5 billion Powerball in January. Powerball-MJ sums up everyone's losing numbers.

7. Because triple overtime is the worst

Oregon led TCU 31-0 at halftime in the Valero Alamo Bowl. Then the Horned Frogs stormed back, forced overtime and won 47-41 in triple overtime.

8. You're beautiful on the inside

You're the winner, MJ! Just kidding, you and Miss Colombia both lost the Miss Universe pageant, actually. Sorries. You're still beautiful to us. (Even when you're having as bad of a day as Steve Harvey did after the flub.)

9. Because Blair Walsh

The Vikings were a chip-shot field goal away from beating the Seahawks in the playoffs. Then, Blair Walsh happened.

10. When it's hard to be a Vikings fan

This Vikings fan's sign might be even sadder than the Vikings' loss.

11. Gateway to sadness

When St. Louis lost the Rams, even the Arch shed a tear.

12. Sibling rivalry

It was at that moment when Eli Manning realized he no longer had more Super Bowl wins than his brother Peyton Manning-MJ.

13. When we just want to bang on the drum all day

Before the Super Bowl, Stephen Curry pumped up the Panthers by banging the drums as they ran onto the field. After the game ... well, you know. Drum-MJ lost his rhythm.