10 Incredibly Inspiring Sports Photos

These girls are fierce. That's your first thought when you look at photographer Christin Rose's project, "She Plays, We Win."

And strong. And bold.

"I believe confidence is the most beautiful thing a young person can have," Rose said. "I started this project to show the many ways sports can mold the lives of young women."

Rose's goal is to create images of young girls playing sports they love, post them on her Instagram account and encourage other girls to post more on social media. She hopes doing so will increase self-esteem and confidence in young women.

"I'm inspired by tough little girls everywhere -- by their chipped nail polish, skinned up knees and fearless spirits," Rose said with a smile.

Here are some of our favorite images, along with thoughts from the girls themselves:

Maya Rush, runner and basketball player, age 12

"I can do all things. I want to run in the 2024 Olympics and play in the WNBA. Nothing can stop me -- nothing. And If I want to be great, I can't wait for things to happen. I gotta make them happen. I'm not afraid to go for it. I kinda feel fearless when I run and play sports."

Skylar Alves, barrel racing, age 11

"I love the butterflies in my stomach, the excitement of it all and the wonderful sensation that it's just me and my horse. You have to be daring, trusting in your horse, and believe anything is possible."

Kumi Tamura, basketball player, age 12

"When I'm playing basketball, it makes me feel like I am in control and what I do and how hard I play matters -- not just to me but also to my team. I love knowing that I am prepared, confident, not scared, and that I'm ready to play."

Hailee Deegan, race car driver / off-road truck racer, age 14

"I am a fairly passive person off the track. I focus on school to keep straight As. But when I race, I feel it's my time to be aggressive and outsmart the competition, which is mainly boys that do not want a girl beating them. That's what makes it that much better! Racing has taught me to never back down and that it's not over until the checkered flag is waved!"

Kalli Minor, tennis player, age 9

"I love everything about me when I play. I love how I'm positive and not negative when I'm playing. Whether I am on or off the court, I love myself, and I am confident."

Kyra Williams, surfer, age 15

"When I am in the ocean, I'm 100 percent in the moment. It clears my head and fires me up to have a great day. It's more than just a sport -- it's a lifestyle! And one I'm so stoked to be living!"

Kiyomi Genewick, flag football, age 13

"I feel strong and powerful because I know I can do anything. I love how confident I am in myself and the feeling of believing in myself and what I do."

Gracie Perez, rodeo cowgirl, age 11

"It makes me feel good, and I get excited when I get to ride my horses. I love to see my hard work pay off after practicing so much."

Vanessa de Jesus (left), age 14, with Kumi Tamura, basketball players

"Basketball is my sport, my joy and my passion. I feel energized when I crossed someone over or when I blow by a defender."

Poppy Starr Olsen, skateboarder, age 15

"When I learn a new trick, I feel so much pride. Sometimes I try a new trick 100 times, and I get to the point where I know my body can do it, but I can't get over the fear in my mind. When you conquer that and land the trick, you feel awesome!"