I'll miss you, Ginny Baker

Kylie Bunbury played the fictional Ginny Baker, the first female MLB pitcher. Tommy Garcia/Fox

Ginny Baker's rookie season is the only one we're going to get. Showrunner Kevin Falls announced Monday evening that the groundbreaking show "Pitch" will not be renewed by Fox.

His sign-off was followed by none other than Kylie Bunbury, who played the role of Baker.

It has been a few days since I learned that "Pitch" was canceled, and I still can't quite believe it. Logically, I understand. Network executives saw an expensive show that underperformed in the ratings, and they axed it.

But I thought we'd have at least one more season with Baker. She was, and the show was, special.

Fox knew this to be true. "We're proud of it," Gary Newman, co-chairman and CEO of Fox Television Group, said at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in January. "Dan [Fogelman, the show's co-producer] and his team did a great job. We'd love to have seen a bigger audience, but it had a loyal core fan base, and there was a lot of delayed viewing. The show is specific; it's about something."

In a television landscape filled with sameness (how many reality series can one take?), having a unique show should matter more, especially when it's good. "Pitch" did so many things well, including exploring identity politics and character development. Not to mention the acting. (Y'all, I was on set, and Kylie Bunbury can act with the best of them.) The writing was fun and the cast chemistry was great (shout-out to #Bawson).

However, I'm not blind to the show's flaws. The flashbacks didn't always work well, and the writers would dangle engaging storylines and then not pursue them. For example, what happened to that ex-boyfriend from the Cardinals? And why are Cara and Ginny not the BFFs tacitly promised with the sexual-tension-filled bathtub scene?

Those questions are not going to be answered, which is infuriating, but even more upsetting is that somehow, I'm expected to go on with my life without Ginny Baker.

After the first episode premiered, I wrote that "Pitch" is "doing the hard work of normalizing the imagery of women not just playing sports, but being as athletically capable as men, sometimes more so ... and expanding the space of young viewers' imaginations."

At its core, "Pitch" was about a young woman kicking butt at baseball. Baker inspired young girls to play sports, she told women of color that they matter, and she inspired people to chase their dreams.

But for now, it is saying goodbye.