Final Rose Watch: Bryan tops espnW's debut 'Bachelorette' rankings

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A parade of 31 men poured out of limos to meet Rachel Lindsay on the premiere of "The Bachelorette" on Monday night. There was a penguin costume, a terrifying doll, and, of course, there was Whaboom guy.

Just the sheer number of guys vying for the heart of one woman can be overwhelming, but don't worry. The espnW staff is here to help you identify which of the 22 men left standing after the inaugural rose ceremony have emerged as early contenders with the debut edition of the Final Rose Watch -- a weekly ranking of our staff's favorite contestants as determined by a panel of writers and editors who will vote after each episode.

As the season progresses from week to week, we'll track how the men move up and down our board. And to play along with us, join our Bachelorette fantasy league. But to kick things off, here are our top 10 contestants after Week 1:

1. Bryan | 37, chiropractor

Our panel didn't love the bold kiss, but it seemed to work for Rachel. And, at the very least, it secured him the first-impression rose. If history is any indication, that doesn't make him a surefire pick to win. But according to FiveThirtyEight, it does mean he has a little more than a 50 percent chance of reaching the final four.

2. Kenny | 35, professional wrestler

Bryan's suave approach might have been enough to swoon Rachel on the first night, but slow and steady just might win this race to the final rose. Kenny is charismatic (see his job as a professional wrestler) and caring, and he has a close relationship with his 10-year-old daughter. Simply put: He had our attention right away. As one panelist put it, we just want to be friends with the guy.

3. Peter | 31, business owner

Assuming the Cowboys fan in Rachel can get past his probable Packers fandom, Peter could be in this for the long haul. More than one of our panelists used the word "genuine" to describe this chocolate-loving Wisconsin native, and that sort of authenticity could definitely go a long way with Rachel (even if chocolate doesn't). Besides, that shooting star had to mean something, right?

4. Josiah | 28, prosecuting attorney

There's always a target on the back of the contestant who whisks the Bachelor or Bachelorette away first, but somewhere between all those lawyer puns, Josiah has the confidence and charisma to go far. As one of our panelists said it, he's corny in the best way. And considering Rachel also makes a living by arguing cases in a courtroom, it's easy to see him hanging around the top of these rankings as the season goes on.

5. Alex | 28, information systems supervisor

His intro video said all we needed to know. With a dumbbell in one hand and a book in the other, this self-proclaimed nerd stole our panelists' hearts before he even stepped out of the limo. Plus, he can dance ... at least with the aid of a vacuum cleaner.

6. Anthony | 26, education software manager

Our panel is high on Anthony despite his lack of screen time during Monday night's premiere. He has a Fulbright grant on his résumé, which is not something to overlook given how Rachel has prioritized her own education and career.

7. DeMario | 30, executive recruiter

It's a tight race between DeMario and Josiah for the title of most confident guy in the mansion. Yet, as their respective rankings indicates, DeMario seems to flirt with that line between confident and overconfident a little too closely for our panel's liking.

8. Fred | 27, executive assistant

The fact that he knew Rachel in grade school gives us pause, especially since she remembers him as a "very bad kid." But Fred certainly has something going for him, even if we can't quite put our finger on it. We'll file it under intangibles for now.

9. Dean | 26, startup recruiter

Dean's initial impression as one of the first four contestants to meet Rachel on "After the Final Rose" at the end of the last season of "The Bachelor" left a bitter taste in the mouths of our panelists, but his one-liner didn't seem to bother Rachel.

10. Diggy | 31, senior inventory analyst

This one is simple: Our panel digs your pet pitbull and your mad shoe game, Diggy. Even if 570 pairs of shoes is, at the very least, 500 too many.

Honorable mention: Lucas | 30, Whaboom

Whaboom didn't make the cut for our debut rankings, but anyone who has the confidence to pair a bro tank featuring a cartoon of themselves with a suit jacket deserves some respect.