'The Bold Type' offers up a taste of 20-something reality

Freeform's "The Bold Type" stars Aisha Dee as Kat Edison, left, Katie Stevens as Jane Sloan, ​center, and Meghann Fahy as Sutton Brady. Freeform/Justin Coit

Freeform's newest drama series "The Bold Type" explores the lives of three women who are on the verge of making moves to progress their careers at the fictional Scarlet magazine, while managing their personal lives.

The show is executive produced by Joanna Coles, the chief content officer for Hearst Magazines, a post she assumed after acting as editor-in-chief for Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. As a magazine publishing virtuoso, Coles was able to lend a realistic storyline to the scripted series.

espnW caught up with the show's leading ladies Aisha Dee (Kat), Katie Stevens (Jane) and Meghann Fahy (Sutton) to discuss power dynamics in the workplace and fitting a workout routine into their hectic schedules.

Be sure to catch the two-hour series premiere on Tuesday, July 11 at 9 p.m. ET on Freeform.

espnW: Tell me more about your characters?

Aisha Dee: Kat is the head of social media at Scarlet and the most self-assured and outspoken of the three. She's not afraid to speak her mind and she's not apologizing for it.

Katie Stevens: Jane is a newly-promoted staff writer who has dreamed of working at Scarlet her whole life. She's set up all of these expectations but soon realizes that she's going to fail a lot more than she thinks. She's a very "Type A" character, which makes it harder for her to let go [ of things.] Much of what happens to Jane this season is about her letting go.

Meghann Fahy: My character Sutton is a little quieter. She's figuring out how to speak up for herself. The other two girls know what they want to do and are pursuing that. She hasn't gotten to that place yet. Sutton is a low-level assistant and isn't passionate about her role. She becomes proactive in exploring her true interests with the help of Kat and Jane.

espnW: How was it working with Joanna Coles?

MF: She was super encouraging and had such a great sense of humor! As intimidating as Joanna is, when she's standing in front of you, you somehow also feel at ease speaking with her. I don't know how she does it. It's definitely the energy she puts out. She makes your feel comfortable.

espnW: What do you think the series will teach its audience?

KS: It's all about navigating your 20s. All three of us are 20-somethings, and we know better than anyone else that these are the messy years. You're constantly asking yourself: "Do I like this? Where am I? What am I doing?" There's an ongoing level of uncertainty, and these girls are navigating their way through Scarlet, sexuality and love.

When you watch TV and see people fail or make mistakes, some level of weakness is typically associated with that happenstance. However, "The Bold Type" shows that you draw strength from your failures and that there's nothing wrong with messing up.

It's also important for young women to see these kinds of friendships [on screen] and how the characters are champions for one another.

espnW: Speaking of figuring things out. How do you all manage your health and wellness regimens around your work schedules?

AD: I meditate, turn on the coffee maker and then dance to DJ Khaled's "Wild Thoughts," a [collaboration with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller], when I wake up. My workout routine is just my life -- dancing around my kitchen and just being free. I do enjoy a nice hike though!

KS: I grew up playing sports and I'm pretty athletic. However, I get bored easily when it comes to workouts. I am always searching for new workout videos on YouTube. Lately, I've been doing orange-theory which I enjoy. It's a heart-rate based exercise. You're running for half of it and the other half is interval training. I like to switch it up and do yoga sometimes.

MF: Katie pushes me to go to the gym and then basically yells at me like an instructor and tells me to "suck it up" when I'm not in the best of moods to exercise. Aisha will then meet us for a post-workout meal.

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