Jon And Tracey Stewart Roll Out Their Pigskin Prognosticators

Is it just us, or does it seem like just about every animal on the planet is somehow being tied to Super Bowl 50? From Puppy Bowl to Kitten Bowl to Otter Bowl to Sloth Bowl, Super Sunday is no longer reserved strictly for humans. And the cute animal commercials for the big game haven't even started yet.

Now, even Jon and Tracey Stewart's farm animals are hamming it up. You'll recall when Jon Stewart hung up his "Daily Show" hosting gig, he planned to help out his wife, Tracey, with the family farm, a 12-acre parcel in New Jersey they call Bufflehead. And it's not just any farm ... it's an animal sanctuary, affiliated with Farm Sanctuary.

Tracey Stewart has a huge heart for animals, and among Bufflehead's first farm animal rescues were pigs. Two of those pigs, Anna and Maybelle, are getting into the Super Bowl act. No, they're not involved in Pigskin Bowl ... that doesn't exactly sound like it would involve rescued pigs.

Rather, Anna and Maybelle are making their first ever prediction for the Super Bowl. Panthers? Broncos? Who are they "rooting" for? You'll just have to watch.

We hope, for their sake, Anna and Maybelle made the right choice. If not, we could be in for a lot of mudslinging.

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