Becky Hammon Wins Bet, Matt Bonner Forced To Wear Broncos Shirt

Denver Broncos fans are clearly basking in their Super Bowl win, but it's likely that no one is feeling more victorious today than Becky Hammon.

The San Antonio Spurs assistant coach, a lifelong Denver fan, made a friendly wager with Spurs center Matt Bonner, a New England Patriots fan, last month. Obviously, the Broncos won, so Bonner had to pay up.

A bet involving money would probably break about 10,000 coaching violations and ethics, so Bonner instead was forced to wear a Broncos T-shirt. As you'll see momentarily, in a picture posted by Hammon on Monday, he didn't look particularly pleased about it. But Hammon definitely did.

You know what they say, the team that bets together... Nevermind. No one says that. Enjoy your day, Becky!

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