You need to see this perfect reaction to a text questioning one woman's sports fandom

If you're currently on this site, it's probably a safe assumption that you're a female sports fan. And, as anyone who identifies as such knows all too well, that sadly still sometimes results in the "But YOU can't be a sports fan!" or the "Oh yeah, prove it!" comments.

And that's unfortunately exactly what happened to sports fan and social media manager Megan Brown this week. A dude questioned her sports knowledge over text (UGHHHH) and asked her to name all of the National League East teams in 10 seconds. Her response to the COMPLETELY INSULTING AND CONDESCENDING question was a thing of total beauty that you need to behold right now:

I think I might print this out and frame it. Incredible work here, Megan. Good luck with the other Marlins in the sea.

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