Men read horrible tweets directed at female sportswriters in PSA

Every day social media users hide behind the safety of their keyboards and write hateful things. These comments are often so vile and cruel that it is difficult to imagine them ever being uttered to someone's face.

In an attempt to raise awareness about online bullying of women in sports, that is exactly what Just Not Sports did. In its new #MoreThanMean PSA, real men -- who were not the original authors of the messages -- read detestable tweets directed at sportswriters Julie DiCaro and espnW's Sarah Spain ... to their faces.

The men struggle with their delivery as they digest the vulgar messages, and eventually apologize on behalf of their entire gender.

Hopefully the message is loud and clear: They are never just mean tweets.

DiCaro took to Facebook to commend the guys who got thrown into the severely uncomfortable spot of reading the scummy comments of internet trolls:

Here's hoping this incredibly powerful PSA leads to change.

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