Softball team loses championship on walk-off after premature celebration

Premature celebration costs softball team title (0:33)

Wylie (TX) believes they've won the district softball championship and begin to celebrate, not realizing they have only recorded two outs and McKinney North (TX) takes advantage by scoring three runs to steal the title. (0:33)

Bases loaded, two outs, winning run on first base in the championship softball game.

This isn't a walk-off from Hollywood.

McKinney North High School scored three runs while its opponent, Wylie High School, thought it had won and began celebrating, and ended up winning in the most unusual walk-off possible. Here's how it all went down:

McKinney North trailed Wylie 6-2 entering the bottom of the seventh inning of a Texas high school district championship game. McKinney cut the lead to 6-4 and loaded the bases with two outs.

McKinney grounded into a fielder's choice to short. Wylie's shortstop tossed the ball to second base for the force out and promptly began celebrating. ... Only she didn't record the force out.

The runner at second base was ruled safe. As Wylie began celebrating and jumping around on the infield, McKinney's baserunners kept circling the bases. By the time Wylie realized it hadn't won, it was too late.

It technically goes down in the scoring book as a walk-off three-run fielder's choice, which may be the first three-run anything for a ball that didn't leave the infield.

Always make sure that final out is recorded.