Cari Champion featured in June edition of Vogue

Remember the name. Cari Champion began her ESPN career in October of 2012 and quickly felt the pressure to get things right. "My margin of error is so much smaller than if I were a man," she recently told VOGUE magazine.

Now, she is not only a SportsCenter anchor and the host of a successful podcast "espnW presents Be Honest with Cari Champion," but she is the first woman sportscaster to be featured in VOGUE since 1993:

Safe to say, she's getting it right.

Everything about the L.A. native's take on sports is refreshing. She brings a warmth, humor and conversational tone to a stats-heavy field. But she also isn't afraid to discuss hot-button topics.

Champion models her broadcasting career after superstar Serena Williams, who happens to be her favorite athlete.

One thing's for certain, If the past four years are any indicator -- we can't wait to see what the next four will bring.

Slay, Cari. Slay.


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