Rapper Lil B's curse on Kevin Durant, five years later

The saga of rapper Lil B (aka The Based God) and Kevin Durant is one the NBA social media world has become well-versed in over recent years.

One might venture to say that "crying Michael Jordan face" is to memes as "The Based God's curse on Kevin Durant" is to feuds. Five years ago, Lil B put the Oklahoma City Thunder star on notice after he dared to call the rapper "wack" ... bold move.

A diss track, a temporary lifting of the curse, a return of the curse, a proposed truce and Lil B taking credit for KD's injury all followed in the years after this iconic tweet (yes, tweets can be iconic):

From there The Based God's opinion of the Thunder as a team only worsened when Russell Westbrook had the audacity to claim he had no idea who the rapper was. Naturally, Lil B swiftly turned to Twitter fingers to express his displeasure:

Yeah, hit him with the sandwich diss. Works every time.

So it came as no surprise when Lil B let the social media world know who he was rooting for in the Western Conference finals:

He even got confirmation that the Thunder wouldn't be making it out of the West:

But then something crazy happened. The Thunder started winning ... big. Which might lead some to believe that the man with the supernatural connect had released his hold on one Kevin Durant.

Not so fast:

Could it be that the power of the Russell Westbrook-Kevin Durant combo is simply too much for The Based God? Or will Golden State overcome a 3-1 series deficit to prove that Lil B is still calling the shots? Maybe Dion Waiters worked out a deal with The Based God on the team's behalf?

Only time will tell.

Update: The curse continues

Durant and the Thunder could not finish off the series. Despite leading the series 3-1, Stephen Curry and the Warriors rallied to win Games 5, 6 and 7 to reach the NBA Finals for the second consecutive season.

And Lil B reminded us that the curse is, in fact, real.

Don't doubt The Based God.

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