Colossal gator appears on Florida golf course

Panic at the golf course!

There are alligators, and then there's the ginormous creature that patrols Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida. From the looks of it, this guy hasn't been skipping any meals lately.

Charles Helms of Sarasota was enjoying a relaxing day on the links when the massive gator emerged and proceeded to stroll across the course:

According to a golf course employee, the alligator -- which is estimated to be around 15 feet in length -- is like a mascot for the course.

Helms and his friend played it pretty cool. But those of us who have seen "Happy Gilmore" know better than to get too close. Yeah, like you don't remember what happened to Chubbs' hand ...

(H/T The Guardian, ABC Action News)

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