Serena Williams shows off her cartwheel skills in a hotel lobby

Cartwheels in a hotel lobby? Sure, why not.

When you're Serena Williams, a few cartwheels in front of a random audience of hotel-goers ain't no thing. So when the 21-time Grand Slam singles champ's friends dared her to bust out some cartwheels, she delivered like the boss she is ... obviously.

When your friends dare you to do a cartwheel in a hotel- you GET IT DONE!

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While this display of athleticism shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone because, well, she's Serena Williams -- it also isn't her first cartwheel rodeo. Last year the tennis phenom showed off flawless form while cranking out some casual left-handed, one-handed cartwheels. Very casual.

Is there anything she can't do?

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