Breanna Stewart pays tribute to Orlando victims on her shoes

The tragedy in Orlando over the weekend has left the country in a state of sorrow. People all over the world have made a concerted effort to learn about the 49 innocent people who lost their lives in the deadliest mass shooting in our nation's history, with hopes of celebrating their lives and honoring their memories.

In the wake of the horrific event, Breanna Stewart is paying tribute to the victims in her own way -- on her shoes.

Stewie took to social media on Thursday to post a picture displaying the victims' names handwritten on her sneakers, along with the words "ENOUGH" and "ORLANDO UNITED":

The WNBA rookie intends to auction off these shoes, and another pair she plans to wear during the Seattle Storm's "Pride" game against the Connecticut Sun, to benefit the victims.

May her gesture serve as another reminder that we must stand united together in love to change hate.

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