This 80-year-old couple is #relationshipgoals

Meet the 80-year-old couple that has traveled the world running marathons together.

Kay and Joe O'Regan celebrated their 57th wedding anniversary by crossing the finish line of the 2016 Cork City Marathon hand-in-hand.

The race, located in southern Ireland, was one of dozens of races the couple has participated in together throughout the years. Kay has run in 113 races, while Joe has participated in 29.

The marathon tradition began before their 50th birthdays, which are three weeks apart. Kay suggested the couple do something new to celebrate. That year, they traveled to the 1986 London Marathon, finishing the race holding hands. Thirty years later, they finished the Cork City Marathon in similar fashion, celebrating the end of an era.

The couple agreed that the Cork City Marathon would be their last, but Kay says they won't stop running.

"Running is a part of our lives. And it hopefully will be for a few more years," she told Runners World. "In Ireland, there is a saying: those who pray together stay together. Well we say, those who run together stay together."

Kay and Joe each wore the No. 80 and finished first in their age groups.

Now that is #relationshipgoals.