Jennie Finch still isn't over losing in the gold-medal game at the 2008 Olympics

While everyone has Olympic fever (thankfully that is not a side effect of Zika) this week, the countdown to the Games has to be bittersweet for fans of softball. The sport was discontinued from the Olympics after 2008, and it has suffered since losing its most high-profile event.

Nobody knows that better than Jennie Finch. The legendary pitcher was a member of the U.S. Olympic teams in 2004 and 2008, and she was devastated after the team lost in the gold-medal game in Beijing.

While the sport looks certain to make its Olympic return in 2020, Finch will never forget the disappointment she and her teammates felt after failing to stand atop the podium in their last attempt. She wrote about that feeling in a piece for Vox on Wednesday. "Even now, eight years later, I'm not completely over it," she wrote.

"It was horrible. I felt that we'd let down the tradition of USA Softball. That we'd fallen short for all the women who'd paved this golden tradition for us."

Finch goes on to compare the life of a softball player to one of her male, baseball-playing peers, and she helps provide a stark contrast that, while nothing new, is definitely worth reading today.

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