Team USA hopes Carli Lloyd will help lead two different teams to victory in Rio

Are you a Carli Lloyd fan? If you said yes (and I know you did), you'll be ecstatic to know that you get to watch not one but TWO Carli Lloyds during the Olympic Games.

If you're wondering why you've yet to hear about the U.S. soccer star's successful cloning experiment, I should probably explain. Aside from the Carli Lloyd who helps lead Team USA on the pitch, the U.S. Olympic volleyball team also has a Carli Lloyd of its own.

Volleyball Carli is a 26-year-old setter who played at Cal and helped lift the national team to a gold medal at the Pan American Games last summer. She also gets confused with Soccer Carli ALL THE TIME. In an interview with TeamUSA.org, she said she started receiving Facebook messages after the soccer team took home the Olympic gold medal in 2012, and gets asked about the other Carli on a daily basis.

The two have never met, but Soccer Carli hopes they can take a picture together in Rio.

The only thing better than two Carli Lloyds? Two gold-medal-winning Carli Lloyds, of course. Now THAT would be a picture.

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