Here's the worst example of sportsmanship you'll see this week in youth sports

If you're looking for a feel-good story of sportsmanship and compassion and all that stuff, I do NOT have the story for you.

Seriously, if you value ethics and fairness and the like, move on. Don't read any further.

For those still with me, let me tell you about the US Youth Soccer National Championships. The U18 girls division had its final day of group play on Thursday in Frisco, California, and, per Top Drawer Soccer, the top two teams in two groups would advance to a knockout stage. So there was plenty on the line.

Carlsbad Elite (California) and Ambassadors FC (Ohio) were hoping to advance, and each needed at least a draw to secure its spot. Playing each other, the teams apparently plotted to ensure the game would end in a tie and both teams would move on. The final score: 0-0.

Not only unethical, it also resulted in a game that made a mockery of the sport as the players unenthusiastically passed the ball back and forth with no effort to score.

If you're glutton for punishment or really have time to kill today, you can watch a few minutes of the game below. But beware, it's brutal to watch and you might find more entertainment watching paint dry.

What a great lesson to teach kids. EYE ROLL.

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