Andy Murray politely reminds reporter of the existence of Venus and Serena Williams

Andy Murray won his second straight Olympic gold medal on Sunday by beating Juan Martin del Potro in four sets.

And while that in itself is pretty awesome, it's what he did after the victory that might get you to stand up and clap from your cubicle today. After the match, a reporter from the BBC interviewed Murray and congratulated him for being the first person to earn two gold medals in tennis.

Murray was all like, "Yeah, NO," as he immediately corrected the reporter. "Venus and Serena have won four each," he said.

Because, you know, women's tennis is part of the sport and all.

While perhaps the reporter meant the first tennis player to win back-to-back singles gold medals, he was certainly incorrect. Venus and Serena have each won one singles gold medal and have teamed up to win three doubles gold medals.

Thank you, Andy Murray, for being the best -- on and off the court.

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