Venus Williams' entertaining new Amex ads are not what they seem

The US Open has officially started, and the Williams sisters are everywhere in New York -- as they should be. Serena's been Snapchatting her way through Brooklyn and the Lower East Side, and Venus is debuting a series of social video vignettes with tournament sponsor American Express that highlight her pre-Open prep. And the videos are cleverly awesome. Exhibit A: Venus watching a tennis match. Or is she?

"It was collaborative, with me letting Amex know the things I do when I'm training then adding my attitude when I train," Venus Williams told us. "When I'm on the court, I am serious but I also have a lot of fun and laugh a lot. You'll know where we are on site because you'll hear all of us laughing."

Exhibit B: This prematch footwork drill isn't as it appears either.

"The one with the dancing is my favorite," she said "I love to dance, so when they came back with ideas and asked me, 'Do you want to dance?' I was like, 'Um, let me think about that. Yes.'"

Coming off the Rio Olympics, where she was knocked out in the first round of the singles and doubles tournament but won a silver medal in mixed doubles, Venus said she's ready to take on the toughest major of the season.

"New York is a jungle and exciting and challenging and intense, and the US Open is all of that. It mirrors what the city is all about," the two-time US Open singles champ said. "For so many reasons, it's a challenge to win this tournament. I don't know what will happen in New York this year, but I will try my best. As long as I am picking up a racket, I am going to be excited because there is nothing like competition."