The BYU gymnastics team just won the 'Mannequin Challenge'

People in 2016 are clearly desperate for hobbies, and the latest craze to sweep the nation is called the "Mannequin Challenge." If you've spent any time on the internet lately, you've definitely seen this before.

If you haven't, just know it basically involves people standing perfectly still like, you know, mannequins, while a camera films it from every angle. We've been treated to some pretty entertaining ones so far (even the Pittsburgh Steelers got involved), but we can officially shut this whole thing down because the BYU gymnastics team just won it.

Not only did the entire squad participate at practice, but many of them did it while performing various moves on the balance beam and bars. It's seriously the most impressive thing you'll see all week.

Drop the mic, ladies. I really don't see how this can be topped.

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