MMA fighter cuts her hair in desperate attempt to make weight

We've seen MMA fighters go to extreme lengths to make weight (See: Cyborg, Cris) during the years, but just wait until you see what Samantha Diaz did this week for Invicta FC 20. Weighing in on Thursday for her debut fight as a professional, the 23-year-old was at 116.2 pounds -- two ounces over the limit for strawweight.

Determined to make weight, Diaz made the unorthodox decision to chop off her hair. Yes, that's right. SHE CUT OFF HER HAIR RIGHT THEN AND THERE. Revealing it took years to grow, she said she was fine with it, but would probably cry once she was properly hydrated.

Thankfully, her drastic decision paid off and she weighed in at 115.9 -- and ended up with a remarkably cute haircut to boot.

In the words of UFC fighter Leslie Smith, "This is pretty gangster."

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