Lindsey Vonn takes her arm injury in stride

For what seems like the umpteenth time, Lindsey Vonn suffered a major injury and a setback in her skiing career.

And yet again, she's taken the news fairly well.

Vonn said she "severely fractured the humerus bone" in her right arm while training on Nov. 11 and sent out a series of messages on Instagram and Twitter about the latest in her lengthy list of injuries. This week, though, Vonn's message on social media has been all about bouncing back.

Some time with friends must have helped a bit:

And she hasn't stopped working out, either, thanks to some equipment that takes pressure off her arms. Check out the compression sleeve.

Vonn even managed to make light of the injury while on her way to catch a flight.

Even with all the aches and pains throughout her career, Vonn remains the winningest female World Cup racer in history. Those 76 wins don't make another bump in the road any easier, though. Keep your head up, Lindsey, and keep working.