Golfer Paige Spiranac gets candid about the cyberbullying she has faced

Paige Spiranac is a 23-year-old professional golfer with LPGA dreams and a vast social media following. However, while her 800,000-plus Instagram followers have catapulted her to fame, it has come at a hefty cost.

During a news conference ahead of this week's Omega Dubai Ladies Classic, Spiranac was asked a question about the cyberbullying she has encountered, and became very emotional when answering. Clearly deeply affected by the hate she has been subjected to online, Spiranac revealed the harassment she (and her family and friends) received following her professional debut last year at this same tournament. According to Spiranac, she needed three weeks away from social media to regroup as she struggled with depression brought on by the bullying.

Thankfully, she didn't let the haters force her out of the game she loves, and she now hopes to use her voice as a platform for others experiencing cyberbullying.

"It doesn't matter how I play this week, it really doesn't," she said. "But the fact that I'm here and I'm sharing my story, hopefully can save someone's life -- I think that's so much more important than if I make the cut or miss the cut."

Well said, Paige. Well said.

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