Yes, the hobbyhorse championships are somehow a real thing

Sure, you probably watched the Kentucky Derby this weekend and feel like you've gotten all of your horse-watching out of your system until at least the Preakness. But I feel like it's my ethical responsibility to tell you about another equine competition.

And if you're someone who doesn't like the treatment of horses in the races mentioned above, this might really be up your alley. Introducing, the hobbyhorse championships.

Yes, that's correct. And, yes, this is very much a thing.

The championship was held late last month in Finland, and about 200 participants -- mostly young women -- competed in various events such as show jumping and dressage, all while riding their hobbyhorses. And thankfully for all of us, there is video of the event.

The hobbyhorse craze is reportedly exploding in Finland, with more than 10,000 youths involved in the sport. If this tidbit of information doesn't somehow improve your Monday, I really don't know what will.

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