Running couple incorporates Brooklyn Half Marathon into their wedding

Brooklyn-based runners Amanda Hughes and Joel Tse could've been bummed about booking their wedding on the same day as the Brooklyn Half Marathon last month. Instead, they decided to run the race with 60 of their guests.

Yes, that's right. They ran a half marathon as part of their wedding day.

According to Runner's World, the pair, who met while training for the New York City Marathon in 2009, didn't originally know that their nuptials fell on the same day as the race. After deciding to incorporate the event, Tse, who's a part-time running coach, sent out a training schedule with their invitations because many of the guests hadn't run a long-distance race before.

"Hearing about everyone's progress reminded me of my first half marathon, and we felt so thankful that they were willing to train for four months," Tse said in an interview with Runner's World.

Ultimately, the wedding crew ran the 13.1 distance at a leisurely 10-minute-per-mile pace so that everyone could run together. Hughes wore a bib that said "Bride," and Tse wore one that said "Groom."

After finishing the race in 2:13:00, the couple went back to their house to get ready for the ceremony and reception, and then celebrated the rest of the day away. Sounds like a pretty memorable wedding to me -- and I'm sure their guests who had never run such a race before would agree.

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