Kobe Bryant cheers on the USC women's volleyball team in loss against Stanford

The USC women's volleyball team lost its match against Stanford on Sunday, but still managed to impress a certain fan in the stands.

And if you're wondering who that fan might be, I'll tell you: Kobe Bean Bryant. (Heard of him?)

Yes, that's right the "Black Mamba" himself was there with his wife and two older daughters cheering on the Trojans.

And they somehow even found a way to be a part of the action, as the ball ended up coming directly at them.

But, despite the perils of sitting in the front row, Kobe seemed to have a great time and thanked the school for its hospitality on Twitter after the match.

Well, if you're going to lose, having an 18-time NBA All-Star in the building has to make it at least a little better, right?

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