Get excited, Gymternet -- Simone Biles is back, and ALL OF HER SKILLS have returned


Simone Biles has not only returned to the gym, but she says she has ALL OF HER SKILLS back.

The five-time Olympic medalist just resumed her full-time training earlier this month after taking an extended break after Rio, and apparently she is already back to prime form. (So, yeah, watch out every other gymnast in the world.)

In an interview with Newsday on Tuesday, shortly before being honored at the March of Dimes 34th Annual Sports Luncheon in New York, Biles seemed surprised, but happy, about her quick comeback.

"It's been pretty crazy, but it's been good," she said. "I'm more excited than I thought I would be, and I already have all of my skills from the Olympics, and I haven't been doing gym for a year and a half, so that's kind of exciting."

However, before you start wondering if Biles is, in fact, a superhero, she did admit she had some soreness during her first few days back. So at least she's not completely without flaw.

Biles also revealed she hopes to return to competition next summer at the U.S. Classic. SO GET EXCITED, WORLD.

Unfortunately, no video seems to available anywhere of her current training, so here's a video from the 2015 World Championships just to remind you of what Biles is capable of.

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