Eugenie Bouchard hangs out (again) with her Super Bowl Twitter date

During the Super Bowl in February, tennis star Eugenie Bouchard made headlines when a fan named John Goehrke asked her on Twitter if they could go on a date if the New England Patriots, trailing the Atlanta Falcons by as many as 25 points, won. We all know how that one turned out.

Bouchard made good on her deal, and she went to a Brooklyn Nets game with Goehrke soon after. The date (or publicity stunt, whatever you want to call it) drew a lot of media attention, and it seemed both of them had a pretty good time. Bouchard even said she would consider a second date.

Well, in adorable news, it seems the two have kept in touch and Goehrke visited Bouchard on Wednesday at her Florida home. Sure, he couldn't be bothered to put his phone down for a photo, but I'm sure they had a great time.

I have no other details to share with you about their hangout, but I do feel like this will probably end up as a reality show on E! and I'm honestly here for it.

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