Former 'Bachelorette' star Rachel Lindsay finally addresses those Kevin Durant rumors

Because I know you've been desperately waiting for this answer for months, former "Bachelorette" star Rachel Lindsay finally addressed the rumors that she once dated Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant.

Appearing on The Ringer's "Bachelor Party" podcast, host Juliet Litman asked her about the rumors, and her response was... not that exciting.

"I'll put it like this: I know Kevin," she said. "We went to college together at the same time..."

The pair attended Texas at the same time (for one year in Durant's case), and Lindsay elaborated by blaming the media for blowing their relationship/friendship/nothingship all out of proportion.

"The way the media played it out, I think they said we were still serious and we were almost engaged. No... I wasn't getting engaged, but we've known each other. We've hung out together."

The lawyer-turned-television personality also clarified that while she did go to Game 5 of last season's NBA Finals, Durant did not get her the tickets. That was just a perk of, you know, appearing on the same network. (So, shout out to ABC/Disney, our parent company! Can I, um, get some tickets for this year?)

So case closed, right? Eh, maybe. I still have additional questions on this, but I'll try to go on and keep living my life the best I can.

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