Skiing dog alert! Lindsey Vonn's dog Lucy joins her for training Wednesday -- and it's adorable

This is Lucy. She thinks she's an Olympic skier. She doesn't understand why you would think otherwise. She earns a 13/10 and an honorary gold medal.

Although somehow that hasn't shown up on WeRateDogs -- not yet, anyway -- Lindsey Vonn's adorable dog definitely should be featured at some point soon. Why, you ask?

Oh, well, only because she raced with Vonn down a mountain.

The 2-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel joined Vonn during her training Wednesday, and the two sped their way down a ski mountain, with the human on skis and the canine on, you know, four legs. But despite not having the proper equipment, Lucy did a pretty good job keeping up with the Olympic gold medalist.

Went skiing with Lucy yesterday...look out she's a speed demon like her Mom�� @vonndogs

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After such a grueling day, Lucy needed to take a bath. It was equally adorable. 13/10.

Mom....why are we in a reeeeally big bowl of water? I can't drink that much...

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