Alexis Ohanian shares hilarious story about first date with Serena Williams

By now, we've all heard the entertaining story of how Serena Williams met her now-husband Alexis Ohanian during a chance meeting in Rome. On most of those occasions, though, we've been hearing it from the perspective of the 23-time Grand Slam champion.

But on Tuesday night during an appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," Ohanian had his chance to share the tale -- and his telling might be even more entertaining. He even added details about their first date, and it's, um, different. Definitely different.

"We ended up wandering Paris together, and the moment I knew [we had a connection was when] we found this little zoo, and I saw it out of the corner of my eye and I said we're going to walk through the zoo," he said. "There was this big cat, like a leopard, a majestic creature, and then it was feeding time. They threw out a bunny.

"It was a dead bunny, but it was a show. And this leopard just went in and blood is going everywhere. She's very romantic and she's standing in front of me and I can tell she's very unsettled by it. I said, 'It's cool, we're going to keep going.' But in that moment, I said, there's a connection. And in that moment, thanks to that poor rabbit, I found love, in spite of everything else."

Ahhhh, romance. Like they always say, the couple that watches a bunny get eaten together, stays together, right?

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