Tim Hudson views life through child's eyes

In the Pro's Questionnaire, our favorite sports figures take an abridged version of the most famous personality test, the Proust Questionnaire. Atlanta Braves pitcher and three-time MLB All-Star Tim Hudson is up. He talks about one of his pet peeves, his ugly feet and determination to play guitar.

Your main fault:
Tim Hudson: I have some bad feet. But really, my main fault would probably be my personality. A lot of times I am not serious enough. I joke around too much sometimes.

Your idea of happiness:
TH: Seeing my family and kids happy.

Your idea of misery:
TH: Seeing my family hurting in any way. When your kids are sad or your wife is sad or somebody in your family is emotionally down a little bit, it sucks.

If not yourself, who would you be:

TH: My 7-year-old son, Gabe. He's pretty cool and has a pretty good gig going right now.

Hero/heroine you admire the most:

TH: My dad. He worked really hard to raise his family and did a really good job with not a lot. He did construction work and that's never an easy thing. As I grew, I watched how he went about his business and did the best he could.

Your favorite food/drink:
TH: Thai food and any drink with an umbrella in it.

What do you hate the most:

TH: I hate when people don't keep their word or they are late. Tardiness is a big pet peeve of mine.

What is a talent you would like to posses:

TH: Playing a musical instrument. I practice on the acoustic guitar a little bit, but I think I have reached the peak of my talent.

Your present state of mind:

TH: Happiness.

Your greatest fear:

TH: Crashing in an airplane.

Most treasured possession:

TH: That would have to be my three kids (ages: 6, 7 and 10).

Your greatest extravagance:

TH: My house. We just built a house that is way bigger than I need. It has a pool, weight room and theatre room. These things are nice, not a necessity, but definitely nice to have. I never thought I would have it. So I am pretty proud of it.