Mo Akiode is taking in sports on the road

These aren't the best of times for Nigeria. With new threats knocking on the doors of our national security and our new government slow to begin its administrative role to move the country forward, things are looking bleak. But hey, what country hasn't gone through moments like this? I am optimistic we will come out of the challenges stronger as a nation.

Despite the trials, there are positive things going on: People are waking up every day, going to work and carrying on. Vacations are still being planned, weddings are still occurring and parties still take place. For me, sports have always been a solution to all things wrong in the world, so, here's what I'm looking forward to being a part of in the next two months.

I'll be traveling to five different parts of the country for different reasons, but one cause: sports. My first trip starts off with Sprite's Triple Slam competition. I will be the celebrity judge for the basketball component and have the power to choose Nigeria's most talented basketball athlete. You know what they say, it'll be all work and no play!

I'll also be attending the 17th National Sports Festival in Portharcourt, a place I've never been to. The festival occurs every two years and all 37 states battle it out in more than 20 sports -- some you know and some are indigenous to the Nigerian culture. It spans 10 days and 13,000 athletes are expected to compete for the title of best sports state in the country. I'm hedging my bets on the host state.

Best of all, I will be attending the National Milo Middle School Championship that our academy has booked a ticket to after winning the regionals. These athletes are a source of inspiration! They've shocked the state, the region and hopefully they can shock the country. This win sure feels awesome.

Last, but first in my heart amongst all that activity, I will be trying to coordinate and raise funds for the third national H4G camp. We hope it will be a bigger success than last year's and will include a few more African countries. Sadly we aren't close to where we need to be, but I've never let that stop me before. Here's to a great road trip, filled with loads of sports, a national championship and a miracle international camp. Wish me luck!