Track star Lashinda Demus' 'get-in-the-zone' playlist

Lashinda Demus knows a thing or two about getting pumped up. The 2012 Olympic silver medalist in the 400-meter hurdles has been winning races since she qualified for the 2004 Olympics. And she's still going strong at 33 years old -- and aiming for the Rio Games in less than two months.

Using music during tempo workouts, long easy runs and before races is a key part of how she gets ready to go. "I don't like to be calm before races," she said.

Although athletes have to take their headphones off once the announcer calls them, Demus likes to listen to pump-up music until that point. She's been listening to lots of Beyonce lately, particularly her song, "Freedom." "That's my anthem," said Demus. She shared her entire playlist with us: (Sadly, "Freedom" is not yet on Spotify so isn't included below.)