Allyson Felix will look to Beyonce to help her make history in Rio

When your goal is to make Olympic history, you've got to channel your inner diva. In sprinter Allyson Felix's case, she likes to tap her inner Beyonce through the classic song "Diva" before she races.

"This song brings me out of my laid-back, calm nature and gets me hyped and ready to race," said the 30-year-old four-time Olympic gold medalist, who's going for her fourth Olympic bid at the trials in Eugene, Oregon, starting July 1.

At the Olympic trials she'll try to punch her ticket to Rio in both the 200 meters and the 400. If she does it -- and then wins gold in each in Rio -- it'll be a feat no woman has accomplished in the past 20 years.

To do this, she'll have to get herself motivated for each race without a lot of recovery time. One key to getting ready? This playlist: