Lolo Jones: What's in my bag?

Sean Morrison

Three-time Olympian Lolo Jones is always ready to get in a workout -- the only question is whether it's for track or bobsled. That's why her bag is packed with on-the-go training necessities. While promoting the Asics Extra Mile campaign, Jones gave us a peek inside her backpack at what keeps her running.


"I have two pairs. Those ones are my bobsled ones because they're Bluetooth, and over-the-ear ones like that work great as earmuffs. The heavier, the better. But for track and field, I use the in-house Bluetooth headphones. The main thing is, whatever running you're doing, winter or summer, make sure your headphones are Bluetooth. It's a game-changer. Don't struggle with the wires."

Bellabeat Leaf

"It's like a fitness tracker. It monitors my sleep, I do meditations with it -- and it monitors overall fitness and lifestyle habits for women. I work with Bellabeat, and I like this tracker because it just clips on easily -- as opposed to fitness trackers where you have to have it on your wrist or something like that. This just clips onto your sports bra, or you can wear it as a necklace so you can use it as a piece of jewelry, which is really nice."

Red Bull

"It gives you wings, right? Honestly, everyone knows what it's like to struggle if you don't want to work out, but if you just get a little caffeine, you're feeling good. Red Bull is one of my partners, and usually, I'll drink one 45 minutes before the seriousness hits the fan. If I have a race, I always take it about 45 minutes before I'm about to go on the blocks. With bobsled, we have back-to-back races, so it's just within that process."

Massage ball

"I use that for trigger points. I travel with it, too. If I'm on the plane and it's an eight-hour plane ride, I put it under my glutes and just start rubbing out my hamstrings or whatever. That thing is like my best friend. I'll use it before I work out and a lot of times afterward if I have really sore muscles. I probably use that thing as much as my phone. I also keep a stretch rope with me most of the time, too, and use that a lot. Sometimes, it gives you a little more range. You don't ever want to stretch and just completely be forcing the stretch, so if you have a rope, you can kind of inch and inch a little bit more into it."


"For both track and field and bobsled, it's all about layers. I always want to make sure I have enough clothes because I'm warming up in all kinds of elements, whether that's rain or snow. I just want to make sure that I'm properly dressed so I can face those elements."


"I don't normally use my iPhone for music, but I do have a small iPod. When I use the iPhone, that's when the Bluetooth comes in handy because it has a range of like 15 or 20 meters."