Inside Elena Delle Donne and Amanda Clifton's dream wedding

Delle Donne in a bridal gown at a wedding atelier. R Wagner Photography

Elena Delle Donne does not cry. While sitting on the couch in a suite at the Andaz Hotel in New York City, the 2015 WNBA MVP made that perfectly clear. Unless there are animals and/or movies involved, Delle Donne doesn't typically shed a tear.

But when the Washington Mystics shooting guard envisions walking down the aisle next month, butterflies fill her stomach. "My mom and I were listening to the song I'm walking down the aisle to and we started to tear up," Delle Donne said.

She looked over at her fiancée, Amanda Clifton, and said: "You'll probably cry."

Clifton shrugged in agreement.

Delle Donne and Clifton will be married on Nov. 3 at a venue in Long Island, New York. They are also the first same-sex couple to be featured in The Knot's Dream Wedding Couple franchise, which they spoke candidly about.

However, this is not first time the couple discussed their relationship with the media. Delle Donne and Clifton announced their engagement in a profile for Vogue Magazine in 2016.

"I couldn't be prouder," Clifton said. "Seeing how [Delle Donne] puts herself out there and how she carries herself, I think it's the perfect opportunity to have people get to know her as a person."

"I've always been about normalizing things in life," Delle Donne added. "This is normal. It isn't crazy. By being a part of The Knot, it's not like we're over here in this gay corner."

However, the shoot and interview had to work around Delle Donne's WNBA season schedule. "They've made this so much easier than what most people have to go through when planning a wedding," Delle Donne said.

The Knot paired them with professional wedding planner Jove Meyer to arrange their special day. Clifton and Meyer are in touch daily to get the details right. Delle Donne weighs in near the end of each process. "I'm pretty simple like that," Delle Donne added, looking over at Clifton. "She's the one who thinks everything through."

One of the things the two agreed upon was exactly how they'd walk down the aisle. "We don't want to feel groom-y," Delle Donne said, referring to not wanting to have one of them wait at the front of the room.

They also ruled out walking down two aisles simultaneously, not wanting guests to have to choose who to look at. They settled on something traditional with a bit of a twist. Either Delle Donne or Clifton will begin walking down the aisle with their father and the other will follow. Then the two of them will finish the journey together.

They'll flip a coin to see who goes first.

Delle Donne and Clifton designed their rings, which incorporate their birthstones, with Benchmark Jewelers.

Giving back is a key component of the wedding. In lieu of gifts, Delle Donne and Clifton built a charity registry through The Knot and will be inviting guests to contribute to the Elena Delle Donne Charitable Foundation, which benefits those with special needs as well as those who have been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Both causes are near to Delle Donne's heart. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2008. Lizzie, Delle Donne's sister and co-Maid of Honor, was born deaf, blind and with other disabilities.

In addition to the charity registry, Delle Donne and Clifton will be donating their wedding flowers to nursing homes and hospitals after the celebration. The leftover food will be given to homeless shelters.

What excites Clifton and Delle Donne the most is having all of their loved ones in the same room. That, and having a really great party.

A must-have for the wedding menu was steak. Delle Donne and Clifton both love steak. But, they couldn't agree on the cut of meat. Clifton advocated for a bone-in ribeye and Delle Donne was just as passionate about that being a ridiculous choice for a wedding menu. It was the tasting that settled the score. "We've got a bone-in ribeye," Clifton said. Delle Donne maintained that it looked classy.

There will also be a vegan option.

The couple did a tasting a few months ago when Delle Donne was in town for a game against the New York Liberty. "I was moving a little slow," Delle Donne confessed.

A fun party also means good music and a lot of dancing. "And a little bit of alcohol," Delle Donne added. "Keep the drinks flowing."

The couple booked a live band for the reception, though Clifton is more than a little hopeful that P!nk will make an appearance. She is a huge fan of the singer and asked Delle Donne to tweet at the artist, in hopes that she will see it and crash the party.

Though, upon further consideration, Delle Donne is mildly concerned that if the Grammy winner shows up, the wedding may not happen. "[Clifton] might marry P!nk and not me, so I don't know if it would be a good thing to have her there," Delle Donne joked.