2015 IMPACT25 Influencer: Lauren Greenfield


"'Like a girl' should never be used as an insult. It means being strong, talented and downright amazing." -- Lauren Greenfield

The comeback story of the year? The phrase "like a girl." Thanks to documentarian Lauren Greenfield, those words no longer can be equated with weak throws and wobbly legs.

Greenfield unpacked the phrase in an advertisement for Always that aired during the Super Bowl, turning #likeagirl into a national movement about owning your power and confidence -- and not letting it disappear during the trying teenage years.

The ad gained over 85 million worldwide views on YouTube, and was awarded the best TV commercial Emmy in September.

"Why can't running like a girl also mean winning the race?" asks one girl at the end of the spot. It can. And, thanks to Greenfield, it does.

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