GoDaddy, Danica tone it down

Danica Patrick appeared in her record-setting 13th Super Bowl commercial on Sunday for sponsor GoDaddy. While many of the NASCAR star's previous campaigns for the domain name registrar have been met with controversy or eye rolls due to risqué content, this year's edition was less sleaze and more comic relief. Sporting a very convincing muscle suit, Danica played a bodybuilder in desperate need of a spray tan.

Just how different is the 2014 Super Bowl ad campaign from those in years past? You can judge for yourself with a look back at some of Danica's most memorable spots.

"The Kiss" | 2013

In one of the most buzzed-about commercials during last year's Super Bowl, Danica narrates as supermodel Bar Refaeli and a supernerd named Walter make out as a representation of how the two sides of GoDaddy blend seamlessly to create a great product. At least, we think it was something like that, but like everyone, we weren't really listening. We were just impressed that Danica managed to get through that uncomfortable 30 seconds without looking or sounding too disgusted. It ranked last on USA Today's annual Super Bowl ad meter.

"YourBigIdea.Co" | 2013

GoDaddy's decision to change its advertising strategy became abundantly clear last year with this spot that featured fully dressed women, actual dialogue and limited Danica. While it was a positive sign for those who appreciate creativity and women in non-sex-object roles, many took it as a sign that Danica's time with the Web domain site was coming to a close.

"The Cloud" | 2012

Danica in a glittering leotard! Women not named Nicole Scherzinger who you never knew were in the Pussycat Dolls! Clouds that might be heaven! In this 30-second spot, Danica plays a scantily clad angel who makes two young geeks' wildest dreams come true. It's typical GoDaddy fare with sex appeal, sophomoric humor and the formerly standard extended version available online.

"News" | 2010

Danica appears on a fake newscast to defend GoDaddy's "too hot for television" commercials. To prove exactly what "too hot" means, one of the female reporters strips out of her clothes. And self-respecting women everywhere put their heads in their hands. And everyone else apparently ran to their computers to go to the website, according to Internet analysts who attributed a huge spike in traffic to the commercial.

"Baseball" | 2009

In the most viewed commercial from the Super Bowl broadcast in 2009, Danica and a group of well-endowed women sit before Congress to address enhancement allegations. Danica admits to having enhanced … her image, with a website by GoDaddy, that is! With the ad being critically panned but highly searched during and after the game, clearly the American viewing public just wanted to see one athlete come clean in a Congressional investigation. Fake or otherwise.

"Exposure" | 2008

Fox deemed this advertisement too racy for television due to the use of the word "beaver." GoDaddy refused to change the word and instead aired a commercial that essentially just instructed viewers to go to their website and watch the banned clip. The "ad for an ad" strategy worked, and GoDaddy.com logged more than 1.5 million visits before the game even ended.