Made In Dietrich: The Life Of Acey Shaw

E:60 - Made In Dietrich: The Life of Acey Shaw (16:17)

This is a story of small-town America and a basketball coach whose determination, perseverance and passion embody the spirit of his tight-knit community. Geno Auriemma lends his voice to the high school basketball story of the year. (16:17)

The town of Dietrich, Idaho, a rural hamlet two hours south of Boise, is smack dab in the middle of nowhere. It is home to just over 300 people, and some thirty thousand cows.

But Dietrich is also home to one of the most successful high school girls basketball programs in the country. Coach Acey Shaw has led the Lady Blue Devils to four consecutive state championships and this spring was gunning for a record fifth title.

What makes this achievement so impressive is that in 2011, shortly after his first title, the 40 year-old coach saw his quiet small-town life thrown upside down. In an improbable and cruel twist of fate the coach, father, husband and farmer, was left unable to walk and barely able to talk.

But with the help of his family, the community and his team, Shaw was able to return to the sidelines and has reached the pinnacle of his sport. Ten-time national championship-winning head coach Geno Auriemma of UConn lends his voice to the high school basketball story of the year.