Tournament rewind

Every team in the Women's World Cup has played twice. Six teams are in the quarterfinals, six are mathematically out and four have everything at stake in their group-stage finales Tuesday and Wednesday.

Here's a look at the best and worst of the tournament so far:

Best goal: Monica Ocampo, Mexico, from 40-plus yards against England. She wins by a narrow margin over Heather O'Reilly's laser strike against Colombia and the Aya Miyama free kick, struck as calmly as a basketball player shooting a free throw, to give Japan a win over New Zealand.

Best team without a point: New Zealand. The Ferns resisted Japan's precision attack for much of the game and got a goal of their own in the opener. Then they played England straight up, having nearly as many chances to conjure a winner as England.

Canada might be the most talented 0-2 team here, and Christine Sinclair made Germany sweat through the opener in Berlin, but the performance against France was dreadful. Nigeria, North Korea and Colombia showed little on offense. Equatorial Guinea is interesting but fundamentally unsound.

Best case for parity: The first eight games, involving all 16 teams, had only one game decided by two goals -- the USA's 2-0 win over North Korea.

Worst case for parity: We've seen only one draw (England-Mexico), and the four group leaders have scored 20 goals while conceding one.

Most entertaining player: Genoveva Anonma, Equatorial Guinea. She thinks she can shoot from anywhere, even from midfield right after the kickoff. Yet as she showed against Australia, she can finish her shots on occasion. She's also a tireless blur of motion around the field, seemingly playing four positions at once.

Worst traditional power: China, because it didn't make the field of 16. After that, it's Norway, which simply hasn't developed replacements for the previous generations of talent.

Best way to travel: The ICE (Inter-City Express) train. It cruises at 150 mph through the beautiful countryside with a friendly staff, scads of free chocolate and occasional Wi-Fi. Ya, danke. It's easily forgiven for being consistently five to 20 minutes late, especially when it provides sheets showing all the possible connections at your destination station.

Most prevalent American brands: In rough order: McDonald's (with McCafe and "McDrive"), Subway and Burger King. We're not counting Al Bundy Schuh Store, which has turned up in a couple of cities that must have fond memories of "Married With Children."

Worst dubbed voice: Most German-language dubbing of U.S. TV shows is pretty good -- the Simpsons' voices fit the characters, and they have a good take on Shaggy and Scooby-Doo. They've failed on "Scrubs," where the voice for Dr. Cox does no justice to John C. McGinley's pained sarcasm.

Best remaining group-stage game: France versus Germany. They're neighbors, so the regional rivalry was always going to be interesting. But based on what we've seen so far, France might be in position to beat the more-accomplished host country. And thanks to an ebullient 4-0 win over Canada, France has the edge in goal difference and would need just a draw to win the group and perhaps force Germany into a more difficult quarterfinal.

Also good: USA-Sweden for the Group C win, Norway-Australia for a spot in the quarterfinals.