Mat Hoffman purchases Tesla Model S

John Rokos, Mat Hoffman and the Hoffman family last week in Los Angeles, Calif. Courtesy of Mat Hoffman

Last week, while in town for X Games Los Angeles, X Games BMX sport organizer and vert legend Mat Hoffman took time out of his hectic X Games schedule to test drive a new car he purchased -- Tesla's Model S, a full-sized electric sedan designed and built in California. Hoffman is one of 5,000 customers to receive the Model S in 2012.

"Awesome ride, I can't wait for delivery," said Hoffman following the test drive. Following the test drive, Hoffman thanked Tesla Motors manager John Rokos, a former Woodward Camp employee and BMX rider who has worked at Tesla for the past four years. Rokos started at Tesla in August 2008 as a customer relations associate and clearly has not forgotten his BMX roots. Close to a decade ago, Rokos worked at Woodward Camp in Woodward, Pa., where he served as BMX director and rode the occasional CFB (Crazy Freakin' Biker) contest when timing allowed. Rokos even made it onto the cover of BMX Plus! magazine in 2002.

No plans were made to modify Hoffman's new Model S to include a bike rack.

The Tesla Model S was first introduced in 2009, with North American deliveries of the car starting on June 22 of this year. The Model S is available with three different battery offerings (40 kWh, 60 kWh, and 85 kWh) that allow for the Model S to travel to corresponding ranges of 160, 230, and 300 miles at 55 mph.

The story of Tesla's dramatic rise as an American start-up automobile manufacturer was depicted in the 2011 film "Revenge of The Electric Car."